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Been working on lore for Valediction there past few days and I wanted to draw some of the characters involved. After this week’s angels, it’s time for demons, starting with Furcifer.

It’s going to be my first time drawing most of them, so the designs are probably going to change around a lot at first.

Posted 4 days ago

Painted this to go with Malik. Azrael isn’t quite as… outgoing. They make a good pair though.

Posted 5 days ago

Tonight’s speedpaint. First time I’m coloring Malik, took me a little while to settle on this scheme.

He’d probably introduce himself like this.

Posted 6 days ago

I just realized that in the past 72 hours, I’ve had about 14 hours of sleep and eaten 4 meals.

This whole “being healthy” thing is really hard to do :(

Posted 6 days ago

I realised earlier today that I hadn’t redrawn my persona in literally years and that it might be a good idea to do a new one. Other than the cat ears/tail, this is pretty close to what I look like now.

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Reblog if it is okay if I make fanart of your OCs

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Whoever invented those sugar-paste-filled chocolate mice is a genius this is so yummy

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This had me in fucking tears hahahaha

That’s it. That’s Bethesda.

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Forcing yourself to work on something that you have no real motivation for


Posted 1 month ago

Just finished some game design work and I now have 32 costume concepts to do, and I won’t be able to post half of them because spoilers ;v;