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amalj’aa have a bunch of nice corners to rub one’s face (or butt) against

they’re also super weird to draw @w@

Posted 4 days ago
this was funnier in my head but i want to keep doing these regularly if i can

this was funnier in my head but i want to keep doing these regularly if i can

Posted 6 days ago

one of the cats i used to have had an obsession with eating butterflies

Posted 1 week ago

miqo’tes are cats and thus do cat things

Posted 3 weeks ago


Yo! I created a patreon for my webcomic & additional pixelart.

As I do the pixelart & comics I post entirely free from profit, it’d be nice if I could get some more stability to my
hobby this way.

Contributions & signal boosts both welcome, feedback on rewards is welcome as well as I’m not sure what sort of stuff people’d be interested in. ^^

Thanks for reading & your time.

boosting cause neorice is a cool guy~ :3 go read his stuff

Posted 3 weeks ago

sunil gets shy around people

Posted 3 weeks ago

today’s sunil speedpaint :3 rocking the coliseum caster set~

Posted 4 weeks ago

Happy transparent Sunil!

Doodle to celebrate finally getting my Allagan Caster Robe, after way too many runs (probably a good 50+ total) of turn 2.

I need to do more FFXIV fanart~

Posted 4 weeks ago

Last two sovereign paper children, Astaroth and Belial!

I need to find a good way to take a group photo of them now.

Posted 1 month ago

Sitri and Zepar paper children! I’m especially happy with Sitri C:

I took a bunch of progress pics of these, so if anyone is interested I can whip up a little walkthrough of sorts.